Chiara Nardo is a designer who has designed watches for the major Italian luxury and fashion brands for almost 15 years

In 2020, just when time seems to have stopped, she designed a watch for a brand that wants to call CN Milano, whose logo is not by chance an inverted 2, graphic synthesis of her initials.

In these two years, considerably difficult for the global pandemic situation, Chiara Nardo stylistic inspiration born from those clichés that make Italians famous in the world.

Some of these are: the Italian lifestyle, her beloved city of Milan, tailoring, pinstriped fabric, logos and figures always on the right


I wanted to create a high-quality and elegant watch that is also easily enjoyable. A new brother who could fit into the family of the most famous and beautiful models on the market today.The targeted choice is in the bracelet integrated in the case and in the well recognizable but clean design that evokes the flavors of the seventies, albeit in a more modern and softer


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