The Design of the Project, the CN Brand and the Italiano Logo are registered and protected by copyright, guaranteeing the customer the uniqueness of the product and the proprietary design.

This means that each component has been made specially for this model and no semi-finished or pre-packaged parts were used.

The highest level of customization then completes the prestige of this dedicated project to a refined niche of consumers who choose uniqueness and high quality with the comfort of wearing it every day.

Chiara Nardo is a well-known designer in the sector, who has designed watches for the major Italian luxury and also fashion brands, for over 16 years.

In 2020, just when time seems to have stopped, she designs a watch for a brand that wants to call CN, whose logo is not by chance a 2 inverted, graphic synthesis of her initials.

“I wanted to create a qualitatively high and elegant watch but at the same time easily enjoyable.
A new brother who could fit into the family of the most famous and beautiful models on the market today.

The targeted choice is in the bracelet integrated in the case and in the design well recognizable but clean that evokes the flavors of the seventies, albeit in a more modern and softer.”